As a State Representative, I am committed to working on issues that will make the biggest difference and have the greatest impact to our families in rural Northern New Mexico and in Santa Fe.


“In the legislature, you can trust I will stand up to big corporations and their lobbyists to put the interests of hard-working New Mexicans first.” 

Small businesses, entrepreneurs and local jobs

Northern New Mexico needs better paying jobs. That means smarter economic development that supports local businesses, promotes tourism and outdoor recreation, and provides hope for young people so they stay in northern New Mexico and raise their families here. My plan will:

  • Support small businesses and local entrepreneurs

  • Increase job training and apprenticeships

  • Create wind and solar jobs

  • Expand needed broadband infrastructure



A strong education develops the necessary learning and skills our children need to lead successful and productive lives. Education must start early with essential Pre-K programs so children entering kindergarten ready to learn and thrive. We must:


  • Prepare our children for success by funding education at the level it deserves

  • Increase funding for education, starting with Early Childhood Education and Pre-K

  • Focus less on testing and more on teaching

  • Increase educators’ pay and treat teachers with the respect they deserve


community & Public Health

I stand strongly for healthy communities, by ensuring we have vibrant community health programs and do what is necessary to strengthen preventative protections for all. I will:

  • Protect and expand access to affordable healthcare and social services for women, seniors, veterans, and all New Mexicans

  • Set up strong behavioral health services funding mental health and drug treatment programs, and focus more on treatment than on systematic encarceration

  • Fight for strong common sense gun laws like background checks, keeping guns out of the hands of domestic abusers, and “Gun Violence Restraining Order” laws that enable courts to to temporarily remove guns if family members or law enforcement believe that someone is a threat to themselves or our community (Download my Gun Safety Platform here.)

  • Support a woman’s right to make her own healthcare decisions


Defending Women

Under the Trump Administration, hard fought protections for women are being threatened and rolled back. We cannot allow our state or country's progress for women's rights to be rolled back. I will:

  • Strongly defend a woman's right to choose, including decriminalizing abortion in NM.

  • Strengthen laws and practices on sexual harassment, domestic violence, and other forms of violence again women so that all women feel safe coming forward and we can help to prevent future incidents from happening

  • Fight for equal pay for equal work (Download my Women's Platform here)

Water and Our Environment

We have always tried to live in harmony with the natural environment around us—the places we rely upon for our livelihoods, food, recreation, tradition, prayer, and family gatherings. Together, we will:


  • Champion clean and safe drinking water for all

  • Ensuring the traditional and agricultural uses of water

  • Make sure every resident affected by the Aamodt Settlement agreement understands their rights and way forward


Respecting our Cultures & Traditions

House District 46 includes four sovereign nations—the Pueblos of Tesuque, Pojoaque, Nambe and San Ildefonso—longstanding Hispanic communities, a vibrant Sikh community, immigrants, and many, many others others. As neighbors and as a state, we must deal respectfully and honestly with one another to improve relationships and create community-oriented solutions that benefit both Native and non-Native residents in our community. I commit to:


  • Convene dialogues regularly on issues facing all of us, starting with water, roads, and public safety

  • Develop an active dialogue with our communities to identify opportunities that can bring our communities together, such as sustainability, renewable energy, food production, and capital projects


Protecting Workers

Those who work hard should be protected from discrimination and corporate abuse, and they should be able to make a great living so they can take care of their families and their futures. My plan will:

  • Protect local living wage laws from preemption by the state

  • Stop predatory lending practices by payday lenders

  • Protect consumers from excessive drug prices by pharmaceutical companies

  • Stop efforts to weaken that Workers' Compensation laws



legislative capital outlay expenditures 2019

Transparency is tremendously important to me. Despite the fact that our state law does not yet require the disclosure of Capital Outlay Expenditures, only requests, I think it's important our district understands how our state's money is spent. Above you'll find the projects that were appropriated capital outlay funds, including 11 acequias, regional solar energy and broadband projects, Santa Fe's teen center and children's museum, NM School for the Arts, wellness centers in Española and Nambe, regional rehabilitation and treatment facilities in Alcalde and Tesuque, and more. Click to view the full list.